How to write & Publish your family story in 10 easy steps




1 Getting started

2 Formatting lives

3 Constructing chapters, creating titles

4 What to put in, what to leave out

5 Making sense

6 Family history templates

7 Adding images

8 Electronic and print publishing

9 Your obligations as an author

10 Getting your book out to readers






Dr Noeline Kyle is a retired academic and the author of Writing Family History Made Very Easy, We Should've Listened to Grandma: Women & Family History and A Greater Guilt: Constance Emilie Kent & the Road Murder. Noeline has published two family histories;  Memories & Dreams: A Biography of Nurse Mary Kirkpatrick and Music, Myth & Memory: A Kyle Family History.

Noeline presents writing family history workshops and seminars through her website

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Is your amazing family story still sitting on the desk?  Want to get it into print? Noeline Kyle will provide answers to questions such as :  Where do you start?  How many chapters should you have? How do you keep going? Where is the best place/space for biographical entries? How do you set limits?  With her latest book How to Write & Publish Your Family Story in Ten Easy Steps with the hundreds of  strategies and ideas she has garnered from more then 30 years of writing, editing and publishing family stories, Noeline will encourage you to take that one step further and  put your family story into print.

This new book by Dr Noeline Kyle demystifies the process of how to get a family story published.  It has practical advice drawn from more than thirty years of the author working with family and local historians and teaching classes on writing family history, memoir and biography - this book has everything you ever wanted to know about writing, editing, publishing, printing and promoting your family story. It takes you through all of the traditional paper publishing strategies as well as e-book and e-publishing in one easy, accessible and very readable book.  Don't miss out on this one.

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